Just Do It

I’m heading to the studio to work on my mermaid solo.  As usual, the internal thunderstorm swirls.  I’m excited and inspired to dance and create.

I’m also filled with the dread of facing the flock of demons all by myself.  That nothing will happen.  That those raging demons of failure and emptiness will circle and dive at me, standing alone in the dance studio.  Pretty awful, at least for me….

It’s not just a solo about a mermaid.  As with so many pieces of dance, and art, it started one way and has meandered and oozed and transmuted and adapted and accumulated.   “Mermaid solo” is the nickname. It also evokes a friend to bring along as I choreograph. 

My task: Set a solo on myself.  What is so intrinsically, deeply important to me that it could dance itself through me, solo?  I asked for so long; never thought I’d get an answer.

The ocean, of course, right in front of me, kept offering wave after wave of herself as the overarching inspiration.  Finally, I listened. 

Then there’s the deep connection to swimming, and my fellow sea creatures.  Which led to researching mermaids and sirens.  Leading to notions of longing, adventure, and following your heart’s desire.

And the reminder that we “…cannot discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”–Andre Gide

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2 Responses to Just Do It

  1. Deb Goffe says:

    I love this, Chloe! Thank you for insisting that you carve out space for your voice. While the environment does not always seem hospitable, I am convinced that it benefits from your insistence … and tenacity. Happy New Year!

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