Charms of the Week #3: Joy, Creativity, Art

Some sparkly ideas I’ve road-tested this week, offered to inspire, comfort, delight.

1) Helpful reminder: “….anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.”–David Whyte

2) Random act of kindness (or Christmas vibe year-round):  Spontaneously buying the coffee ordered by the surprised but delighted customer behind me in Starbuck’s reminded me of the joy of giving randomly.   When the barista then unexpectedly affirmed my gesture by handing me a coupon for a free drink, I remembered how kindness often sets in motion a huge wave of kindnesses we can leave in our wake.

3) Sweet inside and out: You think you’re just going for a haircut or highlights.  But when you go to Sugar salon in West Hartford, CT, you walk out of there not only looking, but also feeling, amazing.

 Angela and Erin can style with the best of them, sure. But what these ladies do with their invisible magic wands each and every time is give you a boost of what experts agree is the failsafe source of attractiveness (and well-being): joy!

It happened again today when I rushed in breathlessly to have my hair cut, accommodated at the last minute for my “hair emergency.” I sashayed out of the salon with both a gorgeous cut AND  a sunny outlook, thanks to my Sugar shot.

It’s a cozy, intimate place, a somewhat hidden but luminous gem–for women and men. Only go if you want laughs, relaxation, unpretentious chic, fun, and heart–and lots of it. 860.233.0402. 16 Lasalle Road (in back, next to public parking lot).

4) Affordable “spa” treatment: Check out Aura Cacia Bath Salts and Foam Bath.  There’s enough in each packet for at least a few baths. The natural, cruelty-free ingredients are good for you and soften your skin, as the aromatherapeutic scents soothe, or revive, your soul. They’re under $3.50 a pop at my Whole Foods.

5) Heading into New York City? Must see: David Dorfman Dance’s “Prophets of Funk”  at The Joyce Theater (175 Eighth Ave. at 19th Street).

Virtuosic dancing  set to the inimitable funk music of Sly and the Family Stone blows the roof off in this exuberant dance event. Perhaps even more amazing–these masterful dancers at the top of their game are incredibly nice, generous people.  Through this Sunday, 1/29/12.

6) Musical teleporting: Thanks to the rich, unique sound of “Beirut.” My musician son turned me onto this music; maybe you already know it?

Vividly brings to mind a picture of riding a carousel in provincial France while you savor a buttery croissant, a heady aroma of Middle Eastern spices wafting over you as the sun melts into a beautiful sunset.  I’m not a musician, but I love how simply turning Beirut’s music on transports me immediately to an exotic, lovely place pretty far from where I’m standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes :).


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