Flashmob of 1: The Saga Continues

I’m doing it.  Instead of going for a walk in the neighborhood, I’m going for a dance.  Not the whole time, but when I have an idea, an inspiration, I’m dancing down the streets and sidewalks. Yessirree.

I’ve done this in a more circumspect way over the years, moving my hands around to indicate steps.  Sometimes leaping or turning. But in the past few days, I’ve been going whole hog, or as whole hog as I can with sneakers on, dancing with “mature” joints on asphalt in winter.

It feels a little scary, I have to admit. But it also feels right.

I mean, why do we locomote in a straight line in the endlessly repeated walking pattern so much of the time? Efficiency, cool.  Variety, spontaneity, creativity, also cool.

So, instead of waiting to break into a Flashmob of 1 in some grander, preplanned way, I’m Flashmobsoloing freestyle now.  Life’s too short not to.

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