Charms of the Week #7: Yes

1) Just Say Yes: How often do we slam the door on a new idea or suggestion with an automatic “no,” when maybe we could say “yes”?  Even just this once.  Especially to encourage other people’s creativity, experiments, brainstorms. 

With one teeny tiny “yes,” we have the power to trigger a whole cascade of opportunities, ideas and connections, potentially transforming our landscape and supporting someone else on a new path.  Blows the mind. (See “The Magic of Yes” blog post for more on that.)

2) Helpful reminders:

“You miss 100 per cent of the shots you never take.”–Wayne Gretzky


“The only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions.”– Ellen Glasgow

Oh, and

“Listen–Are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?”–Mary Oliver

3) Broccoli and Cheetos: Check out the March 2012 Food and Wine article by AJ Jacobs about retraining your taste buds (“The Healthy Eating Reprogramming Project,” p. 54). Secret weapon? Crunchiness!

Jacobs shares that the human palate loves contrast and textures, a fact that New York chef Craig Koketsu has capitalized on with a dish of broccoli on a Gouda and Parmigiana cheese sauce, all topped with, yes, crushed Cheetos. 

Although my fam and I actually already like broccoli, I’m going to try this dish, partly for its novelty.  And, yes, because Cheetos are a weakness of this household of comparatively healthy eaters. You never know….

4) Mardi Gras: New Orleans, here…and Buffalo? Who knew? We visited Buffalo for the first time last weekend and, yep, they do Mardi Gras up big.  Cool.

Maybe even cooler, they use the celebration to raise money for the arts. There’s a “yes” someone put into play that will give Buffalo artists, and their city, a boost!

In honor of my new obsession with New Orleans (and her previously unknown cousin, Buffalo :)), we’re having a Mardi Gras dinner Saturday night for some friends. 

Menu: Cajun shrimp, Rice and Beans, Bread Pudding with Bourbon sauce (googled Emeril Lagasse’s recipe from The Food Network). Add some decorations in purple, green and gold, and we are good to go!  (Just need a Cajun or Creole vegetable dish-Broccoli and Cheetos, you say?….)

Oh, and if you’re in the Buffalo area, check out The Roycroft Inn for spacious, beautiful, historic accommodations in East Aurora (

5) Flowering Potted Bulb Plants: Yay. Hyacinth, narcissus and other fragrant, colorful and lovely bulbs are blooming.  Yesterday, they were on sale at Whole Foods–only about $4 each.

Every time I pass my hyacinth on the kitchen table I inhale the scent–a breath of spring.  And since it’s purple, it’ll be great for the Mardi Gras soiree!


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