30 Days Till Showtime: Dance or Write?

So, we’ve got about 4 weeks until our contemporary dance concert here goes up.

Heading home after rehearsal, I’m spilling items out of my many bags stuffed with costumes, video equipment, CDs, snacks.   I feel as if steam must be blasting out of my ears as my brain has been on overdrive for the past 48 hours planning for the group show we have Saturday, important in itself and as preparation for our own larger event in May.

With everything I’ve got to do, the choreographing, promotion, personal training, costumes, I’m thinking about how I won’t have any time to think about blog posts for awhile. Which I’ll miss.

I start to rehash the rehearsal. The costume decisions:  A 3:30 a.m.brainstorm about color palette worked!  The new section of my solo, which is coming together. I even remembered it today! The refinements we’re continuing to make to strengthen the piece.  And the fits of laughter when we fix spacing to avoid one collision and end up with another crash.

I realize I’m breathing that heady air of creativity and performance that I find so thrilling and at times even transcendent.  Writing about this sometimes agonizing, mostly exciting, always challenging process, would allow me to deepen and preserve some of this experience.  Maybe other dancers and artists will weigh in….

So, it won’t be either/or.  For now at least, it’ll  be dance AND write.

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