Being Santa Claus

Generosity.  That’s how this whole thing started.  My hope to tap into and contribute to that big time holiday magic by wearing my Santa Hat every Christmastime.  Which delivered so many heartwarming, human and humane experiences begging to be shared that I wanted to write about them and attempt to scatter their sparkle over the whole year. Spreading the love, as it were.

Remember, when you’re generous, you’re “open-handed, bountiful, unstinting, noble, high-minded” and, yes, “BIG.”  You’re “unselfish; free from meanness or smallness of mind or character” and you’re “magnanimous and munificent.”  Love that!  And you wear it well, baby. 

Have you ever pictured a world in which we’re all more generous?  Remember the last time someone was generous to you? I’ll bet it felt good. I hope it did.  Maybe a little surprising.  Maybe you even wondered where the catch was.

No catch.  Just let yourself feel your resulting expansiveness.  Perhaps you can even pass it on, if you can.  When you can.  Move the planet forward a teeny tiny bit.  If we each did a little more often, that’s a whole lot of forward movement.

I’m not even talking big stuff here.  I’m advocating for the small gems of generosity that lead who knows where?  A smile.  Holding a door open. Extending a hand.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as I keep coming up against the fear-filled, small-minded and stingy spirits right next to those luminous souls blessed with a vast, abundant spirit.  And much of the time the generous people are the “important” ones who have no need or agenda to be big, to be kind.  How is that?

I had that experience today when a very prominent person, a visionary, whom I do not know and have only read about, actually replied kindly to an email I sent her on her website and even offered to meet with me.  ME. A comparative unknown.  I wasn’t even sure she’d read, let alone respond to, my email.

How thrilling!  How heartening!  It’s put a bounce back in my step and inspired me to be more patient; to compliment a stranger and allow people to pull in front of me in traffic.  I’ve got more mojo in my heart that needs to be shared.

Oh, yes, generosity is infectious.  It may sound sappy, but I’m starting to become a militant sap.  Or an outspoken Santa.  It’s so easy in the pummeling of life to be cynical.  The harder work, I’ve come to appreciate, is to remain kind and generous.  Like Santa Claus.

I hope someone has been generous to you.  I hope you’ve felt generous, to yourself and others.  Peace, baby. And LOVE.

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