Flashmob of 1: Beach Video NOW VIEWABLE (I hope)

Ugh, sorry that the link couldn’t be viewed before.  My mistake.  Hope I’ve fixed the problem.

Below is the link for the unedited footage of my solo, “Sea Glass,” at the ocean at Cape Cod’s Marconi Beach.  What you can’t see are the football game to my left, the skim boarders to my right, and the large crowds behind the video, on the sand bars and in the waves.

What I realize in watching the footage is that people must have avoided “getting in the way,” as there were crowds walking, running in the waves, and watching me off camera, but almost no one comes into view.

If you look closely toward the end, when the 2 girls with boogie boards cross in from the left, there is a seal head barely visible over my right shoulder/left side of screen. Sweet.

Looking forward to learning how to edit this.  (Thanks Diana for the major help).  Also, can’t wait for more rehearsals with that majestic dance partner–the Atlantic Ocean….

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4 Responses to Flashmob of 1: Beach Video NOW VIEWABLE (I hope)

  1. Kellie Ann says:

    It says the video is private 😦

  2. Susan says:

    Wonderful to be able to see you perform this and learn more of your inspiration behind the phrases in class! Thank you for sharing the passion with us.

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