Love that word!  Even just saying it makes your mouth sizzle alive.  Which is what zest is.  Does. It is “hearty enjoyment, keen relish” and yes, “gusto!”

Midwinter, post-Christmas, darkness and loss-induced gloom had glommed onto my psyche.  As I struggled to wrest my way out of the miasma, I realized what I need is a spark from somewhere, from something, anything.  I need ENTHUSIASM! I hunger for GUSTO!


Then this morning burst onto the scene with dazzling sunshine, and inspiring quotations about none other than…. enthusiasm and zest (thanks again, Universe and sorceress http://www.amagicd.blogspot.com).  Yessirree, “…[i]f you have zest and enthusiasm, you attract life and enthusiasm.  Life does give back in kind.”–Norman Vincent Peale

At last, my synapses fired and reminded me of the new Julia Child biography I’ve been yearning to read: “Dearie.”  Remember Julia?  Zest for life personified, e.g.:  “… in life:  You have to come on with a bang.”

IMG_0253Simply reading Bob Spitz’s first sentence and seeing a photo of Julia having her enthusiastically sweaty forehead wiped lovingly by her husband during a pause in her groundbreaking TV show inspired me.

Which catapulted me back to the rich musical stew of Les Nubians–where had I lost this source of inspiration along the way?  Solo dance jam to the infectious “J’veux d’la musique” and “Temperature Rising” got the juices flowing, making me realize we need something zesty for dinner–ah, yes.  Homemade (almost) pizza!

Nothing says gusto like the aroma of tomato and garlic and cheese baking in the oven.  Add some rich, flavorful pumpkin soup, and piquancy, here we come.

“It is in the compelling zest of high adventure….and in creative action, that man finds his supreme joys (emphasis added).” –Antoine de Saint-Exupery.



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2 Responses to ZEST

  1. WOW – the energy, enthusiasm, joy, and ZEST came exploding out of this post as soon as I opened it. I need to check out “Les Nubians” me thinks. Thanks for the boost!

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