dress rehearsal (poem)


dress rehearsal

all or nothing,

game on or not?


in lights blindingly illuminating


your humble quest

to run


with the gods.

Crisp costumes

crackle thickly electric


heady air redolent:

other artists other nights other dreams.

A little nervous

or very


or not

you enter

you hope

you reach,

and for one twinkling moment,



into glowing flow

show time,

its magic.

It’s magic.

Just you and the art and the magic.

There is no such thing:

dress rehearsal

all or nothing,

game on or not?

Life, same.


Photo credit: Judith Ehrman-Shapiro

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9 Responses to dress rehearsal (poem)

  1. Adeline says:

    I like this poem. It`s sound very musically

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  3. luggagelady says:

    As one who quivers at the idea of performing/being singled out in front of a crowd, my heart began beating faster and faster, picturing the poor souls who had to go “out there” on that stage. Then, wham, you bring it full circle at the end with “Life, same.” Such truth you capture. And daily I must overcome my fears!! Thank you for such an intriguing perspective.

    • SirenaTales says:

      So ironic that you say this as I consider that flight attendants are AMAZING performers–up close and personal, which is usually the hardest. AND your stage is way up in the air. Incredible. Thank you for appreciating my point about life, for which it’s always showtime. xo

      • luggagelady says:

        Oh, I do just fine in uniform (and the 8,000-foot relative altitude helps). 😉 But once that “character” is packed neatly away and I have to make a public speech (for example)? The first two minutes, I feel as if I may go into cardiac arrest — then, I magically find my dramatic rhythm and somehow survive each and every time! Ha!

        I admire your continuous “showtime ready” courage. 🙂

  4. SirenaTales says:

    Thank you for all of that. I sure talk a good game–but it’s a good thing you couldn’t see me a few hours ago before today’s dance concert….a complete jumble of nerves. You’re so right–we need to forge ahead, jitters, fears, heart thudding and all. xo

  5. kazhancock says:

    Brilliant….what an awesome ending, and so true. “Crisp costumes crackle thickly electric”….what a wonderful line….a perfect picture. x

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