little witchy’s dance

Do a dance

 of sageness

the memory of trees breathing your spine

new tempo ancient

pulsing your unfettered feet sentient


earth breathing.

Do a dance of mysteries

thickly layering rivulets

exultation, confusion, boredom, loss, redemption, nothingness, enchantment





textured and traced

golden paths entrancing

 the faceless

 believers and faithless.

Do a dance beautifully ugly

thunderously serene

 coolly intense

each moment glittering suspended

evanescently eternal

as you hunker

 your twinkling eyes wise


 swirling your pot spiraling acceptance

to life’s rhythm ineffable

babies gurgle murmuring mountains

 as lovers splash

wind-howled waves.

Rub your cackling hands


emollient of all that

joy magic.

Do that dance,


do that dance now.


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7 Responses to little witchy’s dance

  1. Uzoma says:

    Only the cheerful soul will dance all the time. And you are one, Sirena. I love you use of words–very creative. Here are some of my favorite: Beautifully ugly, thunderously serene.

  2. j.h. white says:

    Just magical, Sirena.

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