young thing

one thing

this solitary universal task:

 hold on

to that wild inner





does it slip away


wild thing

in there

we are all


let’s gallop our incandescence unforgettably

across the sky’s breathlessness

knowing the unsung

is forgotten

let’s be magnificent

disentangling our ruby hearts

from shrinking nets

cast again

we are unquenchable

as we crouch most deeply

pounce most fiercely




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13 Responses to untameable

  1. chiaink says:

    Awesome! I can hear the drums beating along. 🙂

  2. j.h. white says:

    I’m wrestling in myself
    for equable amounts of fire and rain
    a re- acquaintance with the wild
    that bolted through flame
    and jumped up and down between the raindrops
    without ever looking at my feet

    high 5

  3. luggagelady says:

    Whoosh…swept straight onto my tail! So that’s how “we” write about dance! 😉 Oh my! Wildly unquenchable one, shrinking nets no match for your magnificent untamed soul — at-the-ready — in fact, emboldened to pounce even more fiercely. Unchained flame glowing, not just for yourself, but for all fortunate enough to be touched by your shimmering spirit. Ahhhh, think I’ll go climb another mountain now! You inspire me so!! XXoo

    • SirenaTales says:

      How beautifully and kindly you’ve woven all of those words and images, oh so talented LL. Thank you so much–for this and all of your bountiful encouragement. xoxo

  4. Uzoma says:

    I thought I’d earlier commented on this. Well, I’ll have to because it definitely deserves a comment. First, I find a deep sweet meaning in the picture that preceded this poem. It’s similar to the line that says, “The world can’t stop my shine.” You’re at the pinnacle, Sirena. This expression of an unchained and unquenchable dance leaves people like me in need of this same experience. I believe it’s worth it.

    • SirenaTales says:

      Thank you so much, dear Uzoma, for taking the time to come back and comment with such touching and lovely sentiments. You inspire, my friend, again and again–with your support, generosity and artistry. I am grateful.

  5. willowmarie says:

    one of your very best! transformative, I hear drums too.

  6. Always keep the wild alive…it’s the best part of us.

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