sea swim to sunset


When you walk this solitary path into the twilit sea

warm sugared sand

softens your crunching tread


a lilting sun will spew

a dazzling carpet of diamonds welcoming you


reminding that pages turned

 gleam on reminiscent

When you commit to the sea, when you dive in

your animal skin


half fish-half child  you were


eons past,  or yesterday

prune rainbows for your lips and fingertips

frigid indigo lavender

shiver their joyful cleaving to her

When you surrender to this dazzling,

to the wise deep


lay back your busy head into her wet embrace

into the sweeping comfort of her floating grace

her silken touch will cast its spell

restore you as a fierce, breathing vessel

bounding across her knowing waves

amast to her whispering tales

steering by the starlight of your  dreams’ eager  sails

Now emerging formidable

kin to the lofting gull, endlessly spiraling snail

masterful minnow and whale

the impossibly blue palette of sea and sky

echoes her haunting

ocean lullaby

eases your rest

then launches

you intrepid

billowing your visions voluminous


their blessed quest

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5 Responses to sea swim to sunset

  1. Uzoma says:

    Very magical and enthralling, Sirena.

    “prune rainbows for your lips and fingertips” — brilliantly captured.

    Hey, did you take the pic for this post b yourself? Love the face of the sun; it’s like the flame from a candlestick 🙂

    • SirenaTales says:

      Always such a heartwarming sight to see you here with your big spirit and generous heart, my faraway friend. Thank you for the kind words. And yes, I took the photo…I am delighted that it pleases, Uzoma. Hope life is treating you well. Hugs

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