choreographic haiku

sometimes when going

into the studio I

burn candles glowing

sometimes when I vie

the wick will not light nor I

lonely, unknowing

will ignition spark

today? dance radiance I

enter, hope, and try





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6 Responses to choreographic haiku

  1. j.h. white says:

    You have captured that still moment so beautifully, Chloe and I love the picture…The ceremony of self and other… the mystery of bones dancing. Being alive still kind of amazes me.

  2. Intriguing Chloe. Such a beautifully drawn picture. Lovely 😊 Susan

  3. Uzoma says:

    They say colors of candles have different meanings. I imagine this lit candle has one of inspiration and subtle power, enlivening the atmosphere as you engage in dancing mood.

    • SirenaTales says:

      Oh, thank you for such a lovely observation, dear Uzoma! The candle definitely worked her magic as it was a real struggle to get in a dancing mood. Cheers….

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