being a rainbow

luminous embrace

lusters warmly the world’s h e a r t

love’s b e a u t y arcing

(  (   (   (  )  )  )  )

we too are rainbows

even indigo r i s e s

we just need to s i n g


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19 Responses to being a rainbow

  1. Leila Arts says:

    This is so joyful and so inspiring. So very you x

  2. Uzoma says:

    Splendor in the sky
    of colorful rings that please the eye
    A gift this day

    Beautiful photo, Sirena. I love the shade of colors on the tree at the centre. I can’t help but sing along. Thanks for the wonderful poem and photo.

    • SirenaTales says:

      Oh, my! Thank you for your poetic gift, Uzoma. Lovely! And I want you to know I thought of you when I took and selected that photo. I hoped you could see the illumination of the foliage from underneath. I know you said you appreciate photos of autumn’s resplendence–this is an offering for you. Happy weekend, my friend.

      • Uzoma says:

        Aw, Blessings, my friend! I was so delighted and that pic instantly inspired that poem.

        Yes, I did see what you ask of and can only wish for more before the end of fall. 🙂

        Thanks for everything.

  3. Absolutely beautiful – I do so love rainbows, so magical and happy. Thank you. Susan x

  4. Chess says:

    OMG beautiful!

  5. KOH  says:

    Wonderful Scene~

  6. BeWithUs says:

    Simply BEAUTIFUL!!

    Thank you for sharing and have a beautiful weekend ahead, always~ Dance on and cheers!! 😀

  7. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Lovely indeed – and oh, that photo…

  8. F.G.M. says:

    Oh Sirena! It’s beautiful! Its presentation is so creative…
    we too are rainbows

    even indigo r i s e s

    we just need to s i n g
    I DO LOVE this poem, peut-être un de mes préférés (mais j’aime TOUS tes poèmes bien entendu) 🙂

    • SirenaTales says:

      Thank you for reminding me of the moment of inspiration for this–waiting in the parking lot for one of my kids at school, a moody day with a grey and stormy afternoon, et puis voila! Un arc-en-ciel double! Reminding me that amidst the quotidian lies the magical, if I will just keep my eyes open. The sky can transform in then blink of an eye…and so can we, nest-ce pas? As a gardener, you know this better than most. Merci encore encore pour ton soutien

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