Little Kindnesses: Santa Hat Chronicles


I lost my way for a bit.  I’ve wanted to write about my recent Santa Hat experiences, but had been waiting for something momentous to happen.

Then I recalled the wisdom so perfectly captured by Wordsworth about the “…best portion of a good man’s life/his little, nameless, unremembered acts/ of kindness and love.”

So, I now gaze back over the past week’s sea of warm smiles that manifested:

~~~in the knowing and shining eyes of so many children as they recognized everyday magic, and an adult who celebrates it~~~

~~~in the exuberant exclamations of the regular at the coffee shop, whose disability has stolen comprehensible words from him, but who conveyed unmistakably his jubilance in seeing my Santa Hat~~~

~~~in the grinning faces of drivers sitting next to me in their cars at red lights~~~

~~in the appreciative, even grateful, comments of the woman behind the deli counter and the saleslady working long hours at the clothing store and the teenager who caught my eye as we waited in a crowd and the neighbor who called out her front door as I walked in the neighborhood~~~

These are the treasures that wearing the Santa Hat offers.  A bit of merriment and playfulness, a brief chat with passersby, a kind word to a lonely person.  Have I changed the world with my humble effort to spread a little kindness and joy? Of course not.

But for me at least, these moments luminous with connection and heart etch indelibly a deep sense of meaning upon life.  They are both teeny tiny and momentous.  And as Wordsworth sagely observed, they are among the best moments life has to offer.


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14 Responses to Little Kindnesses: Santa Hat Chronicles

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  2. Chloe, i loved reading this story of the Santa hat, how that purposeful act on your part rippled into the world around you, became conversations you wouldn’t have had, unexpected smiles you wouldn’t have seen. i have to admit, you have more courage than i do. lol! and good on you for bringing kindness to an often unkind world.

  3. SirenaTales says:

    Dera MasterWho, I so deeply appreciate your companionship, and kind presence here. Thank you for this comment in particular–it’s still a challenge, especially to someone shy, to don the Santa Hat and to write about it, so your encouragement means all the more to me. Writing this piece also got me to thinking about what IS important…. still pondering. xo

  4. BeWithUs says:

    Happy December, my dear beautiful friend!

    Your lovely blog has been nominated the ‘Blog Of 2013’ award.


    Your kind acceptance is much appreciated.

    Have a great day ahead, always~ Cheers!!

  5. Theresa says:

    Great post serving to remind us that the little things are really big things…

  6. lvsrao says:

    Great Post. Interesting.
    It’s true tat little things are big ones.

  7. Ann Koplow says:

    Wonderful post, wonderful you!

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