let us soar with the stars

showering the earth

with our radiance

(Card with Serbian proverb: quotable cards)

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9 Responses to starlit

  1. F.G.M. says:

    Made of stars… it is so accurate, both poetically & scientifically!
    comme toujours tant de mouvement dans tes poèmes (soar with the stars…)
    le “stargazer” que je suis ne peut qu’être touché… et inspiré par ton magnifique appel 🙂

    qui du haut de la Nuit
    nous rappelez d’aimer
    laissez monter à vous
    une prière bleue
    scintillation fragile
    mouvement de lumière
    pour que pleuve sur le monde
    les Perséides de l’amour
    et de l’éternité
    larmes heureuses
    qui nous feront

    inspired by your poem & written for you (I’ll post in on my blog in French)

    • SirenaTales says:

      Such a lovely gift, this beautiful poem of yours, Frederic…as is your generous friendship. Tu, tes jolis mots, et ton esprit grand et genereux m’inspirent! Thank you, thank you. Xoxo

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  3. Rachael Charmley says:

    How lovely. Thank you for sharing your lightness of spirit with us…

  4. diahannreyes says:

    (I have a bunch of these magnets as well- and I love that you have one too.) Humans are star children, but of course! Thank you for the reminder- that we aren’t as far apart from the heavens as we think. xo

  5. Miranda Stone says:

    I’ve always loved the fact that we’re all made of stardust. Thanks for sharing your beautiful poem, Chloe!

  6. SirenaTales says:

    Ahhh, “….we’re all made of stardust….” That gives me shivers of joy–thank you, my friend. Shine on. Xoxo

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