slippery muse

Gah! Am in a similar space of muselessness…again. I searched my own archives to see what I may have said before, and it all still fits. Except, sadly, that the lovely dirt road weaving through my holiday is now but a summery memory. Taking my muse with it. I hope the Muse has found you. xo

Sirena Tales

I wonder if I will find the thread on the solitary

dirt road

drive into town?

If I play Neil Young’s wistfulness

her “Harvest Moon”

will she come out again,


Or perchance she might cup

might waft

 from leaves of the tea shop


seep into my sipping soul

looking up?

Is the muse just a playful seal we see over there as we dive in the surf


hide and seek?

Or has she gone for good

turning slowly away

from the pile of dishes and laundry

as I too late



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8 Responses to slippery muse

  1. Stop looking. Have a strong cup of coffee, look at or read a book, or maybe ponder some art. She’s waiting around the next bend, as lost without you as you feel without her!

    • SirenaTales says:

      Very wise, Chris, very wise. As it happens, I was steeping some Irish Breakfast and baking cookies when I received your thoughtful and kind comment…resisted the temptation to eat the whole batch of cookies :). Absolutely love your insight that that elusive muse is as lost without me as I her. Thank you SO much for showing up with your support, my talented friend. xoxo

  2. F.G.M. says:

    …in a similar space of muselessness…again.
    O my dear friend, Chloé, for sure your muse will come out again,
    She’s already dancing…I can see her… your Muse dear Chloé….

    Eclat de lumière au loin
    Voyez-vous donc la grâce
    De son pas si léger
    Qui vient
    Qui s’avance
    Qui chante
    Entendez vous la joie
    Qui récite des psaumes
    Aux couleurs inconnues
    Aux sons délicieux
    Comme tombés des cieux,
    Lumière !
    Lumière !
    Et je la vois là où l’ombre s’attarde
    Et le la sais plus sereine et heureuse
    Qu’un oiseau d’arc en ciel
    Qu’une fleur de paradis
    O mon amie
    Ma chère amie


    Elle est ta Muse,
    Qui jamais
    Jamais ne t’a quitté
    Et jamais ne t’abandonnera,
    Ta muse
    Qui t’aime
    Qui t’attend
    Ta muse
    La danseuse d’océans
    de stupeurs et d’amour
    la danseuse,
    la danseuse aux oiseaux
    la danseuse incandescente,
    la danseuse de Dieu!

    for Chloé…

    with much love 🙂

    • SirenaTales says:

      Such radiant words, my friend! Thank you so very much for your generous and amazing self. You helped inspire me for my long dance rehearsal yesterday–thank you! love to you, cher Frédéric

      • F.G.M. says:

        Ah! you’ve made my day! J’en suis très heureux 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading your next posts and poems 🙂

  3. I think she likes to show up when we’re least expecting, or not looking. And I know that feeling so well…of trying to capture her without success. xoxo -PS: from the words of your beautifully written poem, it looks like she was with you!

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