Dance will be popping up in public spaces this Saturday, November 15th at 2:00 p.m. EST in and near Hartford, Connecticut, Northampton, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island.  Yes, three of my beautiful dancer pals and I will each be dancing in our home cities, offering our art to the everyday life of the communities in which we live.

We are using #danceiseverywhere for photos and video that we generate (thank you, Alicia), so if you spot us, you can upload there or tell where you saw us.  You can even do your own dance in your own town and show or tell us how it went :).

For me, this journey started awhile back when I began my Flashmob of 1 efforts of dancing spontaneously in public spaces: highway oases and rest areas, public beaches, farmers’ markets, crosswalks.  Why not intertwine our art more integrally in the daily life of our environments?  You know, as we go about our day, spontaneously dancing in the streets, or singing, or reciting soliloquies or our own poetry or drawing with chalk or…..?  It needn’t be a major undertaking, but even a brief burst of art creates an unforgettable gift of beauty and sense of possibility to our neighbors and the Universe.

I realized that the benefits of my humble endeavor would be multiplied if even one more dancer would dance in public places.  Now with my very talented dance pals joining the party, and possibly some of their dancer friends, three communities will be the recipients of spontaneous, accessible art.

Fingers crossed on November weather in New England.  See you out there!

Photo credit: Alexandra

Photo credit: Alexandra

Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is not mere translation or abstraction from life; it is life itself.” ~Havelock Ellis (thank you, Shauna, http://luggagelady.net)

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15 Responses to #danceiseverywhere

  1. F.G.M. says:

    Gorgeous photo Chloé! You’re a seebird taking flight!
    Je penserai à toi le 15 novembre… “a brief burst of art creates an unforgettable gift of beauty and sense of possibility to our neighbors and the Universe” that’s it!!!
    Ah, Chloé, tu es formidable, exceptionnelle… merveilleuse!
    I’m looking forward to reading posts you’ll write about this dancing-freedom-faith-beauty-sharing day… ♥♥

    • SirenaTales says:

      I so appreciate your enthusiastic support and kind words, Frédéric. And “dancing-freedom-faith-beauty-sharing day” is a lovely and perfect way to describe it. Will be thinking of you when I am out there :). love to you

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. Oh, how wonderful! I absolutely agree that art should be everywhere. Music, dance, poetry, murals. More is better. Thanks to you for doing this, and thanks again for getting a few of you dance buddies involved! I live pretty far away or I’d be out watching for you.

    • SirenaTales says:

      Absolutely–more is better where art is concerned. Thanks so much for your gracious comment, Emilie. I actually picture you out dancing in your beautiful desert :). I’ll be thinking of you! xo

  4. Rachael Charmley says:

    Ah, lovely. I shall be thinking of you on that day. Perhaps there will be photos? 🙂 xxx

    • SirenaTales says:

      Oh, good-your positive vibes will be most welcome, Rachael! Thank you so much. Yes, am hoping for photos to share. Fingers crossed that the significant drop in temperature and light snow forecast don’t present obstacles :). xox

  5. luggagelady says:

    Oh, Chloe…That quote (I was fortunate enough to find) beneath your fabulous picture equals PURE PERFECTION! As for, impromptu art/dancing in the streets, love, Love, LOVE! It’s so easy to get bogged down by routine, trudging about our lives — and then the unexpected happens, and the smiles ensue. I see this a lot in my European adventures. I wish I were talented enough to join you. Bring in on, my beautiful dancing queen. Have FUN and take videos so we can live vicariously!! xoxo

    • SirenaTales says:

      Dear LL, Yes, my friends living in Europe seem to have more of these unexpected street moments, which you reinforce here. Well, we’ll be doing our darnedest to inspire the smiles you aptly talk about and the senses of possibility and beauty they reflect. Your encouragement and kindness mean so much to me, and help boost my courage :). Thank you–I will be thinking of you on Saturday… with love p.s. Thank you again for the fantastic quote!

  6. Geo Sans says:

    spreading smiles
    swirling joy

  7. diahannreyes says:

    What a beautiful expansion of your movements, Chloe. It makes me think of how women were the shamans, transmitting medicine through their dance. I visualize you and all your dancer friends doing just that- along with a lot of ebullience and joy. I hope to see the footage here.

    • SirenaTales says:

      I love and am so honored by your image of joyful, ebullient shamans, Diahann. That will help spur me on this Saturday–thank you very much. If we get any shots, I will post. Your support is so wonderful. xoxo

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