always running with the wind

she is running with the wind

she is running for the high, for the joy, for her life

she is running the show

she is running with the boys and the wolves and the bulls

she is running for the hills

and running to keep up

 she is running late

out of sync, out of patience, out of breath

she is running out of time

from herself

 from behind

against the clock….

… ahead of the pack

she is running up and down the stairs (again)

as she runs the laundry (again)

but inside

inside her

she is running wild

and free

 running toward


and me:

always running with the wind

for B, C, F, M, K, L and so many others

Photo credit: Rich Davis

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16 Responses to always running with the wind

  1. Lorien says:

    Just so beautiful, Chloe. I love especially when you bring it back to reality with the laundry, giving it a nice does of humor, of earthiness. I feel like you were writing the poem for me! And the lines, “Inside, inside her she is running wild and free…” so beautiful, yes. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • SirenaTales says:

      Good morning, my friend. I actually was thinking of you as I wrote this :). Here’s hoping your soul is running wild and free today. Thank you so much for your inspiration and kindness. xo

      • Lorien says:

        Then there’s no wonder it resonated so deeply with me. Moments of co-creation over the ethers…co-inspiration in the cosmic dance!

  2. words4jp says:

    Very inspiring and ‘carefree’.

  3. Luggage Lady says:

    What a sensational and empowering rush of energy your perfectly-timed words give me! As I sit in Washington DC, preparing to fly around the country again (day two of six…), this brilliant burst of Superwoman inspiration from a Gorgeous Super Soul herself has made my day!!! And what a delightful way to dive into a new month! Thank you my treasured friend!! 😘

    • SirenaTales says:

      And you, LLL (yep, LUMINOUS Luggage Lady), sweeten this journey like nobody’s business. In case there had been any doubt (not!) you are officially heralded as Wonder Woman of the Skies. Blowing kisses skyward now. Thank more than I can ever express. Love to you….

  4. diahannreyes says:

    This so makes me think of Clarissa Pinkola Estes’s Women Who Run with the Wolves. I love the idea of running even when in a frenzy of wyld woman in action.. propelling herself through the day.

    • SirenaTales says:

      Oh, I am thrilled and honored to have evoked that amazing book, Diahann! And I love your take on this poem–it had started out much darker, so I wasn’t sure how it would come across. “Wyld woman in action…”-yes, yes, YES! Thank you for being such a treasure, blessing me with your presence. xxo

  5. Mélanie says:

    @”she is running with the wind…” – me, too, également… like Bob Seger – against the wind: 🙂

    • SirenaTales says:

      Heh. I actually had a line in an earlier draft about running against the grain–but it was a bit off in the language. Should have used Bob Seeger’s refrain–as you suggest. See you out there…running in the wind, my friend. Thank you for being here.

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