Intuition: Choreographing Life from the Inside Out

A transcendent moment of understanding!  That’s what I had today as I choreographed: a rare moment that breathed fresh and insightful air into my process for my dance solo.

I realize I can trace this thread back to a related epiphany in dance class. The wise instructor urged us to dance the movement first by capturing the quality she communicated kinesthetically and how that quality felt to us, inside us.  Rather than heading into a cerebral analysis of the “steps,” we were encouraged to sense the movement and echo that sense in our own bodies.

The specific phrase seemed bubbly and effervescent.  The threshold challenge then was to embody and convey that “bubbliness” in each moment.

Sure, I had heard similar guidance before, but this time it resonated deeply.  So, today, I used a similar approach: zeroing in on what I sought to evoke, how that felt inside my body and generating movement from there.

It reminded me of an article I read recently by the terrific life coach, Martha Beck, about cultivating our intuition.  Beck says:

If you’ve never learned to tap into your intuition, your life is almost certainly much more difficult than it needs to be.  Why? Because your intuition helps you make choices based on what you actually want, it helps you avoid trouble, draws you toward positive situations…It circumvents your intellect–which can tell you all kinds of inaccurate, critical, self-defeating things–and instead guides you based on what your body, your very essence, knows to be true….” (“Your Intuition Has Something To Tell You,” O, The Oprah Magazine, May 2015, p.149)


Her intriguing piece came flooding back to me as I worked, checking artistic choices I was making:  Did they feel right? Was my physical sense of the movement choices one of resonance with the themes I am exploring?

Creating from this embodied fount feels more organic than my past practice that incorporated some of this intuitive focus, but often reverted to too much analysis, entailing more a mental problem to be solved than a physical journey to be experienced.

This emphasis feels a little more comfortable to this fledgling (and often terrified) choreographer.  Using an intuitive lens helps narrow what frequently seems to be an infinite array of options–a daunting, even paralyzing prospect.

Perhaps more important, I get to practice listening to and understanding my intuition’s messages in everyday life.  As Beck says, “…. it’s all well and good to know how valuable your intuition is–but that doesn’t mean you know how to listen to it….”

While our intellects can offer valuable contributions, we sacrifice a potent source of information if we ignore our intuition. If we are open to our body’s messages, we can access the torrents of insightful information the body flows to us all the time.


I was about to write that my intuition is wondering how I can be so late to the party in mining more deeply the riches of intuition, but as Beck notes:

Your intuition never criticizes you.  If you’re hearing an inner voice that sounds shaming, blaming, disdainful, withering, or mean, you are not hearing your intuition, which functions more like a kitten: it may be urgent, nervous or resistant, but it could never imply that something is wrong with you.…” (Y A Y)

A transcendent moment of understanding!  I’m taking that breath of fresh, insightful air and refreshing my process for living.


The body never lies.”~Martha Graham

Photo credits: Top-Jane Shauck; 2nd and Bottom–Alexandra;  3rd-Essennelle Studios

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13 Responses to Intuition: Choreographing Life from the Inside Out

  1. Lorien says:

    I love this! Intuition has fascinated me since I was a child, when I thought that only very special, gifted people could use their extra sense to understand life and its patterns. One day I came across another belief, that we all have intuition and only some of us cultivate it. AHA! I’m not sure how long it has been, perhaps decades, but I have been opening myself to my intuition and choosing to listen, especially in moments that seem a little scary. It hasn’t led me astray, in fact, when I tune into my intuition, usually the outcome is far more beautiful and enjoyable than I could’ve anticipated with my rational mind. It takes trust, strength, and a willingness to be vulnerable, and like all good things, it also takes practice and time. But it is so worth it! Really great post, Chloe. Thank you for the reminder that we are multifaceted beings with an incredible potential to develop our inner universes for the good of all.

  2. Luggage Lady says:

    You had me at “bubbly and effervescent!” A perfect analogy (for me, anyway 😜) to illustrate this mystical internal/external synergy. A divine flute of Champagne is the ideal accompaniment to celebrating our most empowering truths! LOVE…Thank you!!!!

    • SirenaTales says:

      Cheers, my effervescent pal! Ahhhhh, would love to raise a glass of champagne with you to toast the “mystical internal/external synergy” ….and other blessings. Thank you soooooooo much for your steadfast and bounteous support. L O V E

  3. The Body Never Lies! Love this quote by Martha Graham (and how true is it?!?!) Thank you for this fantastic post…you’ve expressed so clearly how the body + intuition are inextricably linked. I bet it’s a beautiful solo dance your creating. x x Shine On!!

    • SirenaTales says:

      Your kind comment came at such a synchronistic time, Elysha-right when I was feeling a little lost/vulnerable about my solo work. Thank you more than I can say for all of your encouragement: priceless! Shine on, yourself! xxo

  4. Geo Sans says:


  5. diahannreyes says:

    I so loved this- the way you explained it landed in my body in a newer, more alive away. You made me think about my own dance practice and how I am so easy to trust what comes through and allow the impulses to move me — I’m always amazed with the outcome… better than anything I could have ever thought out. A wonderful reminder to take that out into my own life. Thank you, Chloe. xo

    • SirenaTales says:

      I am honored by your comment and thrilled that it may have added anything of value to your practice, Diahann. Your presence here is a wonderful gift. xxo

  6. Thanks for this inspiring post! I loved it and needed to read this today! 🙂

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