Something To Live For: Life Lessons Fr

Joy, exhilaration, calm, grounding, meaningfulness, transcendence….all the gifts I savored when I went dancing today after the dreaded lull in classes and rehearsal that recurs every year around this time. I decided to reblog this post from the archives that reflects a similar experience, hoping that you are riding your own wave of “flow” or optimal experience or passion or calling. Shine on…the world needs us to do that…..

Sirena Tales

Sometimes this passion for dancing seems like madness.

Take this morning. Heading out early into the cold, discouraging day, I slipped repeatedly on black ice, tweaking an old injury.  As I scraped my car’s frozen windshield and then entered the battle of slippery, rush hour traffic, I asked myself, not for the first nor the hundredth time, what in heaven’s name I was doing.  But the doubt was only momentary.

I’M GOING DANCING!” I hooted jubilantly out my rolled down window into the wintry mix (eyes still on the road….).

And that, my friend, says it all.

It says that I am on my way to cultivate joy, creativity, inspiration and passion.  Which, in turn, helps me lavish positivity on the universe.  It tells you that I am heading toward fostering, ironically amidst all of the movement, a grounded, mindful state, which can facilitate problem solving and emotional processing.

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