A Different Kind of To-Do List

Crazy as it sounds, this morning I had redrafted my “To-Do” list several times by 8:30 a.m.  Trying to strike a realistic balance of adequate accomplishment in the “settling into the new house” department, achieveable goals and comparative calm.

An attempt to avoid the too familiar experience of “To-Do” lists that are insatiable taskmasters with impossible goals.  Leaving me exhausted and unfulfilled.

I sat back after the third go, looked out over the marsh, and pondered what’s really important today?  Not surprisingly, what came up is a whole different kettle of fish.

I wonder how I will do with this list:


Note:  At first I thought I should rewrite the list when the water splotch appeared.  But, no.  To me, the splotch is a reminder that I need to practice grace through my imperfect self in this imperfect world.

May your path be slathered with joy!

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14 Responses to A Different Kind of To-Do List

  1. I love this post! As an earnest To-Doer I’m always trying to find the balance between getting it all done without making myself too crazy. The one you created this AM is truly beautiful…water splotch and all. x x Congratulations on your new home!!

    • SirenaTales says:

      Heh. Yes, I recall that you and I share this To-Do practice :). Thanks so much for coming by and sharing. I always love hearing from you. And thank you for the good wishes–am in love with our new space! xxo

  2. Perfect to-do list. Think I’ll modify mine.

  3. diahannreyes says:

    This feels like a “to be” list- I have this vision of this coffee table book of to be lists by you Chloe. xo

    • SirenaTales says:

      Wow. Can you please be my agent, Diahann? Seriously, I am honored by your idea–and intrigued. I recall now your earlier suggestion about a book of my life lessons from dancing–so inspiring and appealing! Maybe this is the shift I’ve felt coming on….More grateful to you than I can ever say. With love….

  4. Willow-Marie says:

    “Grace, grace, grace – Repeat” love that! (and need it too).

  5. Luggage Lady says:

    Loooove this picture-perfect to-do list!!! Thanks for this brilliant reminder, my dear eloquent friend. You divinely capture life’s true priorities… Thinking of you and hoping you’re settling into your new abode and savoring each magical moment. Sending you tranquility, positivity — and much love. 💞

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