hear the mermaids calling


when we hear the mermaids calling

we throw open

the latched door

of the cottage

of our minds

race down the worn

path to shores bursting

with passions

we catch them

and dive in….

when we hear the mermaids calling

we allow

a glistening sea

to cradle

and hush these heads

listening at last

to our hearts

pulse raptures

and dive after them….

when we hear the mermaids calling

we drape our souls

in mermaid raiment

shimmering themes, loves foretold

we don’t hesitate

nor complicate

the certain beauty

of breathless dreams

we dive into

luxuriant dance

with these enchanted

champions of the possible….

when we hear the mermaids calling?

yes! yes!

we dive in


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7 Responses to hear the mermaids calling

  1. katherinejlegry says:

    I love how the visual form of this poem looks like the mermaids you are describing and how it feels and looks like it swims with the funnel shaped “in and out” gorgeous reflections of the female form as well as the breathing of the tides in and out and then your added voice(s).

    I can almost hear the water! 🙂

    • SirenaTales says:

      I think YOU are the mind reader, Katherine, as I had wanted to present the poem visually evoking a mermaid, but gave up after the poem became longer. How cool that you envisioned things as I had desired them to be! Thank you for sharing your visual talent.

      This is the poem I mentioned before as being inspired partly by you, so I am thrilled that it works for you. As always, it is quite lovely and refreshing to have you here-especially when the work is meaningful to me, but doesn’t seem to generate much feedback….one wonders and doubts (a lot) this one does anyway. Thank you!! Shine on….

      • katherinejlegry says:

        Oh! do NOT worry about your influence or effect due to a lack of feedback. I often thought my art work wasn’t making an impression only to have people come up to me years later and tell me which things they remembered.

        The “fruit” of your actions may never be known by you, but maybe the future has already been changed by you. (this is possibly the worst Gandhi paraphrase ever. Apologies for not looking his quote up) But I’m just saying…

        keep diving in! It’s helping the whole planet having your presence, I assure you. 🙂

        I have been thinking warmly of our mutual online friend Diahann ( Stories From the Belly blog) who got Married this August 9th! She’s taken a life leap! (cheers and a toast to her! She’s where I came across you, through the comments) Ever grateful. xoxo

  2. SirenaTales says:

    Ha! Your sweet words echo those of my wonderful husband who reminds me similarly on a nearly constant basis. I know I can’t let feedback or lack thereof halt me…but it certainly gives me pause and unnerves me often…less often than before, but often. I have had the same experience with my dancing and writing-people tell me years later how they were affected or inspired. Yet nothing at the time….A funny world. Thank you for burnishing it, Katherine.

    And, yes!! Wishing abundant joy and love to Diahann and her husband! I knew the wedding was recent, but hadn’t known the precise date. Thank you for the head’s up. I am so grateful she, you and I have connected. xoxo

    • SirenaTales says:

      P.s. Is your artwork on a website somewhere?

      • katherinejlegry says:

        I just saw this. Apologies for my late reply. I don’t have a website! (long story maybe) 🙂

        My artwork is all over the place… and I’ve also worked on a lot of projects like when I painted for Jeff Koons (he’s a conceptual artist who hires artists to make his works) in New York… and since he has an awesome website, here’s a link: http://www.jeffkoons.com/artwork/celebration/cake (I mostly mixed colors for his paintings in the Celebration themed show, but this is “Cake” where I painted pink frosting (note the rose on the cake!) in a manner so flat it felt much like “paint by number painting” but it does create a remarkable illusion of depth. My actual painting style (on my own work) is not flat so this was a great learning experience and fabulous challenge. It took a steady hand and I felt nervous working on his giant canvas. I prefer going “organic snake eyes” more intuitive and less control. But working for another artist who has such succinct intention and directed vision was good for me. As jobs for working artists go, this was one of the best. 🙂

        I am currently behind in reading your beautiful posts and will have to catch up!

        Best wishes to you and your husband.

  3. SirenaTales says:

    Oh my, Katherine: What gorgeous and amazing work you did on “Cake!” Thank you so much for sharing more information about your artwork, including this link. So cool and impressive and compelling. Please keep me in mind when you post more work and/or show work. Again, thank you for the inspiration. xoxo

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