while nature models grace


to the wind tossed

marsh, her sodden slate



and full

of possibility

her soul as ageless

as grace

can we be

like that?

Note: I wrote this before I learned of yesterday’s terrible tragedies in the inimitable City of Light.  Sending tons of love and blessings to Paris and France, whose radiance and grace are eternal.

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9 Responses to while nature models grace

  1. tabbyrenelle says:

    I was just given this song (ok, yes by our mutual pal kj) and your poem took my breath away… because well here you are (and yes we can be like that) I totally love what you do you Chloe. You sooo Rrrrock.:

    Meredith Monk – Walking Song

    • SirenaTales says:

      Oh my GOODNESS. I love this! This piece evokes a lot of what I am going for in my new work. Thanks so much for continuing to bring me inspiration, Tabby. And for your kind words that make me feel appreciated…I am deeply grrrrrrrrateful. Xxo

      • tabbyrenelle says:

        Gosh Chloe… you too!

        You always give me so much credit but it’s you that is the heart-core of the matter! 🙂

        Meredith Monk is among your kindred spirits. If you haven’t checked out her vastness you’re in for a treat!

  2. We have no marshes here. But about forty minutes away is a small wetlands that is supplemented all winter so it stays a depth of about two feet.
    Each winter sandhill cranes stay there for their southern visit, sometimes as many as 20,000 of them! Each November this area fills with cranes, ducks, and so many other birds that I do not know. It is a miracle repeated each fall.
    Soon it is time for me to head out there, spend a magical afternoon walking the area, lying on a blanket listening to their chatter, watching the sky fill with wave after wave of crane groups returning from the cornfields.
    I am not certain why your poem reminded me of this. Perhaps simply because it’s been a bit on my mind recently as they are beginning to arrive.
    Or perhaps it is simply the word grace.

    • SirenaTales says:

      What a breathtaking image you paint, Emilie–I can actually feel a wave of warmth around my heart reading your words. Thank you so much for sharing the magic here–that special place’s, the birds,’ yours. Here’s hoping you get back there soon. xxo

  3. diahannreyes says:

    This land is very lucky to have you priestessing her- conveying her wisdom as you tend her wild lands. So very much enjoying the inspiration that she has brought since you moved in.

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