dancing solo


can the studio so

familiar feel this foreign

and daunting


that relish



unsure, cautious, and taut

the way, haunting, distant

and vague…





or the sheer force of practice


and floods crimson glitter

into blood

and I dance

or the dance dances



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9 Responses to dancing solo

  1. Rachael says:

    ‘and i dance or the dance dances me’. Wonderful, how fortunate you are to get to that place. A place where you are one with your art. And if it happens once it can happen again. I think of Abraham Maslow’s peak experiences 🙂 xxx

    • SirenaTales says:

      Thank you so much, Rachael. Yes, I had one of those moments yesterday when I almost didn’t go to the studio–all the old self-sabotage. But I did go and the muse smiled upon me, thankfully. Hope all’s well with you guys. Have written an email to you in my mind so many times, then the wind shifts or someone needs something. More soon. xxo

      • Rachael says:

        I understand. My world gets in the way too. I hope what I said made sense – I’m not sure it did – but I had an idea you’d reached that point of oneness like happen with me painting where it just happens without any direct intent (automatic writing??) xx

      • SirenaTales says:

        Yes, I totally “got” you…and that “point of oneness” is a major boost to keep at it. Back in the arena tomorrow…with all of the demons and their hijinks :). Hope the painting and weaving are going well…I can see that the writing is going swimmingly…..

      • Rachael says:

        Thinking of you tomorrow then 🙂 Doing decorating type painting only, but that’s quite satisfying. xx

  2. Luggage Lady says:

    WOW… Your words struck such a chord. The more I fall behind in the blogging world, the more (to borrow your great word) “daunting” it feels to catch up. And yet, ALL I have to do is show up and sit here and peck away at my little keyboard. NO coordination or limb-stretching required! So inspired by your stamina, courage, and gusto. I’ll send you an email to update you on other things soon. Meantime, keep dancing for the rest of us, My Beautiful Friend!!! Love & Hugs

    • SirenaTales says:

      So lovely to hear from you, as always, LL…and especially on this one, as I am back at it with choreographing and it is such a rollercoaster…and often agonizing. I’ve been thinking of you and your book–hope that process is going well! You truly are a mind-reading angel, not least for using the word “gusto” synchronistically here–a week ago I named my new dance vehicle GUSTO Dance Project. How encouraging and ratifying to have you reinforce that in this time of transition-EEP! Can’t wait to hear from you about life whenever you get a chance. THANK YOU!! Love…..

  3. diahannreyes says:

    Love this photo. Am familiar with the sensation- am I dancing or is the dance dancing me? I know this from being a student of the Tantric Dance of Feminine Power for so long. Then again, it’s like both are the same.

    • SirenaTales says:

      Yes, good point–they often can feel the same to me, too, or maybe they are a spiral? I do notice that there are those magical moments when I am no longer trying to exert control, but rather am riding the wave…..Thank you very much for sharing your rich wisdom and experience here. xx

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