Playfulness Pours On The Magic

Play is the highest form of research.”~Albert Einstein


Today: photo shoot for an upcoming performance.  A little nervous–the first time working with the other dancer; the first time meeting and working with the photographer. New venue.  New format.

New, new, new…..

Got caught up in the anxiety of uncertainty.  And while things were going well, I suddenly remembered the key: the key that I’d reminded myself of before the shoot; the key I had lost somewhere on the unexpectedly crazy morning, the hurried drive, the self-imposed pressure to produce something wonderful.

The “key?” Let’s be playful! Let’s have fun!

Once I remembered and called out to my colleagues that essential, simple invitation, everything shifted.  As if a bottle of “joy” bubbles, of effervescence, of lightness, poured over us and the shoot.  With the joy and lightness came inventiveness and a genuine radiance in the ideas and the photos.

It all just flowed.

That’s what play does: It creates flow.  Spurring insight and creativity.  Opening up the floodgates of possibility, and yes, magic.  So, it was no surprise to read that Einstein in all of his brilliance appreciated the special juju of playfulness.

With the innumerable weighty matters and also the drudgery we need to deal with in this life, it can be so easy to forget the treasures in lightening up, goofing around, joking, being silly, making it fun…even in our approach to the weightiness and drudgery.  That very buoyancy can open up doors and perspectives, as well as offer solutions we might otherwise never create or recognize or grasp.

Note to self: Remember to PLAY!

Photo credit: Joel Callaway

Photo credit: Bottom-Joel Callaway



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10 Responses to Playfulness Pours On The Magic

  1. diahannreyes says:

    Play/pleasure in the body is soo key! I meant to tell you that our team won the award for congeniality for belly dancing. We were certainly not the best, but we so knew we weren’t the best, that we just went for it and had a great time. I wish I’d had that mindset as an actor and I love that you remembered to tap back into that. Love the group pic here. And how your call for play opened up the flow for all.

    • SirenaTales says:

      Oh, yay: the award for congeniality!! How wonderful! Congratulations, Diahann. I know that you all must have been fabulous, because as we know, performing from the heart and from an embodied place “reads” so powerfully. I am still looking forward to when you post on this…oh! Maybe you have done so, and so I am heading over to your blog now. Hope all is well and as always, thank you so much for your time and support.

      • diahannreyes says:

        Have not yet posted- I’ve been pondering reworking my blog- something I started thinking about a year ago but have yet to move on- visiting you here makes me realize how remiss I’ve been with mine- you’re so wonderful about posting and tending to your blog!

      • SirenaTales says:

        Um, you’re very kind, but I’ve been going through a transition as well. Didn’t post for weeks, and then much less frequently. Had pretty much decided to stop posting, but then have felt galvanized to get back to it as my tiny effort to put some positivity, dance, creativity out into the world. Hope you pursue whatever lights your fire, my friend. xx

  2. Rachael says:

    I am inspired by your writing and your energy on this wet and stormy morn. OFF TO THE BEACH TO PLAY WITH THE WIND 🙂 🙂

  3. What a beautiful way to go into your photo shoot / performances with the intention to play. Have fun! Lighten up! I could use a little more of that in my life. Thank you for the reminder! xoxo

    • SirenaTales says:

      Thanks so much for being here, Elysha. I am thrilled that I may have provided some inspiration for fun and lightening up. I’ve really cut back on my time spent on the blogosphere, but will be by your blog very soon. xxo

  4. Play and fun are critical to our Iives. Indulge daily!

    • SirenaTales says:

      Sorry for the delayed reply, Emilie! I have been busy “playing” outside of the blogosphere. Thanks for lending your verve and wisdom here. Hope all’s well with you.

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