Enthusiastic Failure: or success by another name

Sharing the morning with the lone egret hunkered down in the cold, driving rain out on the marsh, I’m chewing on “success,” “failure,” and “tenacity.” Although I am not feeling at this moment the way I did when I wrote the following post from the archives, I have done on countless occasions…and will again, no doubt :). Keep on keepin’ on….like that egret.

Sirena Tales

I did not dance well today.  Tight, sore, exhausted and off kilter, I seemed to careen from one misfire to the next.  I just could not get into my groove…or any groove, for that matter.  And all around me, beautiful dancers thirty years younger than I….

Three hours later, wrestling through the thick cloud of discouragement that shrouded my 70 minute drive home, I finally made emotional landfall.  Echoing insistently through the darkness of defeat were Winston Churchill’s wise words:

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

Hah! When I first read those words  a few days ago, I guffawed.  But as I’ve thought more about his wry observation, along with the frequent nemesis of that oh-so-loaded notion of “success,” I realize the depth of the formidable Churchill’s view.

Because we are human and, by definition, imperfect. Because we all stumble, fall, fail by virtue…

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