RELENTLESS: Life Lessons from Dancing

Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.

“Are you doing your work?”…as the late warrior, poet, activist, priestess Audre Lord used to ask her audiences. Here’s hoping you are on the path, your path. May it be showered with lovely, heady spring blossoms…..

Sirena Tales

Photo credit: Essennelle Studios Photo credit: Essennelle Studios

“There are 2 rules in life: Number 1-Never quit; Number 2-Never forget rule Number 1.”~ Duke Ellington

I am standing in the wings, waiting for my entrance. Exhilarated, nauseated, eager, terrified, joyful, trembling. Perhaps most important, I am resolute. I am DOING this.

The dance phrase I am waiting to perform is both simple and challenging: a sustained and stylized, queenly walk slowly down the diagonal from upstage right to downstage left. I will enter with my focus lifted and fixed on a light, unwavering, as if I am being drawn to it. My arms are low and pulled back, suggesting holding a cape, and my chest is thrust slightly forward. One dancer sits on the shoulders of another dancer and follows closely behind me, gently sprinkling “snow.”

It may seem pretty amazing that something as unadulterated and direct as this slow motion walk with a…

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