Cultivating Possibility: Bodysurfing Life

Reblogging this post from deep within the archives after my husband’s welcome reminder this morning. Bodysurfing: YES! And the lessons it teaches are swell for living :).

Sirena Tales

Much as I usually love big drama, my hands down fave wave to bodysurf is a “sleeper” wave, a  mediumish or even smallish one that just keeps on rollin’.  One that I join with and together we transform into a ride that goes for so long I ultimately pull out gasping for air.  Breathtaking!

Part of the allure is the element of surprise–and, yeah, maybe a little boosted ego.  All the folks who turn up their noses at these more modest waves, think they won’t come to anything, look on in disbelief as you ride and ride all the way to shore.


But truly the main source of the magic is that your sorcery gets tested–and, ideally, demonstrated. What can you muster to join with this wave and create something thrilling? Sensing, timing, steering, maybe some swimming, and then surrender, crafting this lovely to fit you and vice versa.

Kind of like when you’re in the kitchen and only have a few mismatched ingredients.  What yummy dish can you whip…

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