REWRITE: Changing the Stories in Our Minds

Time for some major rewriting…of antiquated tales…so cozily familiar… and lulling, encumbering. REWRITE! REWRITE!

Sirena Tales

Do I have to be feeling the way I am feeling right now?  Are the assumptions and stories making me feel this way necessary and true?

I’ve been asking myself these and similar questions a lot lately, especially during some times of heavy duty transition.  Triggering not so charming but attention-getting physical symptoms of stress, and the accompanying pals of impatience, anxiety, anger, rigidity, inadequacy….

What I notice is with heightened awareness and  practice, I have been able, at times 🙂 to turn things around and upside down after examining what’s going on. Letting go of the groundless or unhelpful garbage/stories and creating new tales that foster a sense of ease, acceptance, positivity.

Synchronistically, I came across an article by the redoubtable Dr. Brene Brown (“The Unreliable Narrator,” O, The Oprah Magazine, September 2015, p. 215) about just this “unconscious storytelling that leaves us stuck.”  And I would say a…

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