The Sorceress of Reinvention



Fearlessness is the mother of reinvention.”~Arianna Huffington

Constantly decomposing and recomposing, the marsh is a boundless re-inventor. Like some wild and magical artist, she splashes vivid colors and pungent scents on the canvas, drenching it in drama.  Cue the howling winds and rolling thunder.  Enter the prehistoric-looking creatures and rising tide.

Only to sweep the canvas clean and start afresh.  With soft hues and delicate birdsong and ducks gently paddling and waddling in a quietude whose hush sounds eternal.

Then, that scene too, is dashed.  With new gorgeousness.  And again, and again.





This sorceress, the marsh, with her bottomless imagination and creativity, has gotten me thinking a lot about reinvention.  About how the only limits we have are those of our imagination and our courage, should we choose to reinvent.

Reinvent how we see; what we do, and yes, who we are.


Like the marsh, we may need to dig through some sludgy piles in order to mine our depths for fresh beauty, new pathways. What the marsh has highlighted for me is that the more the envelope is pushed with what’s possible, the more breathtaking the results may be.

Not always, of course.  There are the vistas that are more “meh.” But the marsh accepts that, lets it go and then brings forth her latest spectacular offering.  She ventures where other creators might fear to tread.  And her results redeem the risk-taking.


So, I’m taking a page from the marsh’s book of vitality.  Trying to allow what needs to be let go to wash out with this tide.  Taking stock of what resources I’ve got to create of this life right now….and letting that go, too, when the next tide comes in. With its wide open canvas.

And again. And again…..


We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution.“~Bill Hicks

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One Response to The Sorceress of Reinvention

  1. SirenaTales says:

    Reblogged this on Sirena Tales and commented:

    Reinvention required again…still. The uncertainty: exciting, thrilling even. And so scary. How are you reinventing?

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