Transform and Heal: Movement Practice On The Marsh


A dear friend’s sharing some Qigong sequences and Thich Nhat Hanh’s powerful, luminous work have inspired me to get back to a movement practice out on the marsh.  I had been doing my healing dance (which I wrote about here)  regularly for awhile.  Then the practice faded.

Now, I’m back to it…to a ritual of mindful moving in nature.  Intended to add what I can to join others’ practices in healing and positive energy.

As Thich Nhat Hanh eloquently reminds us in his pocket-sized yet profound “How To Relax,” we can cultivate mindfulness anywhere, everywhere, all the time.  What we know is that the benefits to us, to our loved ones, to the universe are ineffable and priceless.  And cost nothing but time and a little effort.




The minute I get out there, to that glorious marshland, sometimes joined by primeval egrets, my feet sink into the spongey grass and my lungs fill with that salt air. Nature floods me with her abundant generosity.  A wholehearted feeling I channel…. and send out and out and out….


Mindfulness and a deep awareness of the Earth can help us to handle pain and difficult feelings.  It can help us heal our own suffering and increase our capacity to be aware of the suffering of others.  With awareness of the Earth’s generosity, we can generate a pleasant feeling. Knowing how to create moments of joy and happiness is crucial for our healing…[W]ith the energy of mindfulness, we can recognize and embrace our feelings of anger, fear and despair and transform them.”~Thich Nhat Hanh





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2 Responses to Transform and Heal: Movement Practice On The Marsh

  1. What a beautiful experience!

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