Cheeriness: A Practice

I am driving home after running errands all morning, along a street near the center of town.  I see the runner on the sidewalk ahead of me–a grey-haired, middle-aged man, not particularly fit nor swift, wearing a humble tee shirt and shorts.  A picture unremarkable enough to allow me to continue on my mental peregrinations.

Then, as he approaches, I see him grinning ear to ear.  A pleasant sight, causing me to smile a bit.

And suddenly he waves to me.  I peer more closely–certain that I don’t know him. I choose the friendlier option and wave back, and quickly look in my rear view mirror to see whom his enthusiastic greeting was probably meant for.

But, no.  There is no one else on the street.

Ah, yes.  Now I remember.  I saw this fellow once before, doing the exact same thing. Running with a huge grin on his face and waving happily to all who passed him.  A practice in positivity and cheerfulness and expansiveness in action.

Unremarkable?  I got that wrong!

As his noteworthy spirit fades in the distance, I notice that his generosity is infectious, as generosity so often is.  I now have an answering grin on my face. A grin of appreciation that this is what this guy does on the regular: spread good cheer as he goes on his runs. Sharing his joy at running or being outdoors or alive or whatever, to anyone and everyone he comes across.

And so I am passing it on, this unexpected gift of a momentary, and priceless, connection in humanity and joy.  To you…..



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6 Responses to Cheeriness: A Practice

  1. Grinning back at you!

  2. love you too dear heart

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