dream dancing on the marsh


NIK_5824venturing forth

a duet

of movement

and imagery



the marsh’s artistry

staggered both

by sorcery

and mystery


now a merry band

of three


the musk and we

once twilit


scatter into dusk

woven into sunset:

a dream


This piece was inspired by my collaboration with the abundantly talented photographer AND dancer/choreographer, Nikki Carrara at a photo shoot on the marsh.  Just another example of how working collaboratively, and with nature, can fire our inspiration exponentially. For more of Nikki’s gorgeous work: http://nikki-carrara.smugmug.com


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8 Responses to dream dancing on the marsh

  1. Rachael says:

    Delightful and lovely! An ephemeral fairy tale captured with such grace xxx

  2. Especially loved the last photo: two goddesses.

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