It’s About Rapture!

NIK_5801What’s the most important thing? That’s what I asked myself as I prepare to teach a few dance classes as a guest artist and I refine what it is essential for me to convey and, ideally, inspire in the students. And the answer comes right away: RAPTURE. Joseph Campbell’s priceless advice comes flooding back to me…reminding me to strengthen the practice of zooming in on what vitalizes me…and sharing that “zing” as much as I possibly can. Want to join me?


Top 2 photos: Nikki Carrara;

Sirena Tales


That’s been my mantra for the past ten days. Spurred by watching the iconic “The Power of Myth,” with the late visionary, Joseph Campbell.

It’s about rapture! My shorthand for remembering to keep an eye on the ball of what’s important in life: namely, what brings us alive.

So, when I heard that a favorite, sublime dancer (and human being) would be teaching a dance class at the end of the week, I vowed to myself that I would go. No matter what. Including the long drive, the hefty commitments I had already made for that day, my own performance in a distant city the following day.

This is what we need to do, according to the array of belief systems and religions Campbell researched exhaustively.  Ancient teachings the world over have emphasized again and again that we are each meant to figure out and follow our bliss. Whatever form…

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2 Responses to It’s About Rapture!

  1. ST, I can always count on you to lift me back into inspiration mode. Your posts always do this! So onward and upward –> as I figure out, and follow my bliss. xoxo Thank YOU!

    • SirenaTales says:

      Ah, Elysha, what a lift your comment has given me. Thanks so much for making me feel as if my writing matters. Hope you are finding and savoring bliss, again and again, my talented friend. xxoo

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