Making ourselves visible. Vulnerable. The ongoing quest…not for the faint of heart :). “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”~Brene Brown. Thank you for reminding me of this, lovely Angie….

Sirena Tales

she was unsure

when her outline had faded

as if the inks defining her


had parched from neglect

draining the life from their hues, her;

the many faces expecting, of course,

that you slink


into the passionless invisible

night of your days

a faint smudge at the vanishing point

so accommodating! so compliant!

infinitesimal yet lethal

losses mount

yielding this unobjectionable



contours into the nameless

others and their enervated colors

tumbleweeds, frozen in stasis

then drifted over your platitudinous landscape

by that most sere and airless wind:


Note: this is a character study and not intended to be (wholly) autobiographical–although I am familiar enough with the territory :).

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