Loving, Generous and Unafraid

Find out what makes you kinder,
what opens you up and brings out
the most loving, generous,
and unafraid version of you—
and go after those things as if nothing else matters.
Because, actually, nothing else does.”~Nick Offerman


Ah, yes.  Of course.

This lovely reminder showed up from a wise friend yesterday (http://amagicd.blogspot.com).   So many corners of the world seem to yearn for the kinder, the “most loving, generous and unafraid” versions of us.  Whether the world models this through her magnificence or cries out for us in her suffering.

Sometimes going after what inspires us to be our most expansive selves seems impossible-financially, logistically, physically, mentally, emotionally.  And yet, as Offerman sagely notes, that pursuit is ultimately what matters most.  The pursuit of realizing as fully as possible for as long as possible who we are and what we have to offer illuminates both our lives and the lives of those around us.

So today, because for me dancing works that magic, I planned to perform in a public art offering with several other dancers in a lovely town nearby.  The gusty, cold and rainy weather forced us to postpone…but another, unexpected opportunity to dance arose, so we jumped on it. Allowing us to connect with some other dancers and a talented musician who happened to be making a music video about an hour away.

As I raced to the theater, bobbing and weaving around traffic backups and directional miscues, I wondered for a moment what I was doing.  I had run out of the house with barely a goodbye, late for a gig with people, a venue and a project I didn’t know, an hour away.

Yet, so often, when we show up for our passion, our passion rewards us with untold riches. This adventure was no exception as we met and danced with new folks, joined a project that was full of hope and positivity in a gorgeous old theater being renovated as part of a city’s renaissance.

At one point,  I looked around at the other dancers rocking out.  I had met most of them a mere 10 minutes before.  As I was dazzled by the sparkle of all of their irrepressible grins, I heard Offerman’s words echo.  Feeling ever more deeply that this, this, indeed, is all that matters.

Imagine a world populated by billions expanding in their unique juju!  What’s yours?


Photo credit: Top–Nikki Carrara



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