On Spaciousness


I’ve been ruminating on spaciousness a lot lately.  Some of this is because I am fortunate enough now to live in such spacious surroundings.  Between our backyard neighbor of the vast marsh and the beckoning sea right down the road, I have Mother Nature’s constant reminders about the inspiration, the aspiration, of being spacious.

Of course, voluminousness is something I often focus on with my dancing.  How can I realize the movement more fully?  How can I fill or cover space more?  How can I open up to the moment and the movement, embodying and performing roominess without impediments of distraction, of unnecessary blockages?


Serendipitously, a blogger buddy, Elysha Lenkin,  posted recently about meditating on the Third Eye and intuition, including a lovely, potent guided meditation by Tony Samara about the Third Eye.  The visualization spurs connecting to a divine source and tapping into Its/His/Her  boundless positive energy, while focusing on breathing and releasing undue blockages caused by doubt and suffering.  We are invited to practice internalizing and sharing breathtakingly expansive benevolence.

Mother Nature reinforced this practice the other day when I sat out on the deck.  For a long time, the profound silence engulfed me…and then was broken suddenly by church bells chiming!  Their tones startled me, as I was immersed in nature. I finally realized that the bells must have been ringing from a church in town.  Since the wide open marsh presented little to obstruct the sound, it could pour over us here at the marsh.


The experience reminded me of how expansiveness free of obstruction welcomes flow. Whether it’s the flow of sound or the flow of movement or the flow of love or the flow of life.  Inhabiting our inimitable selves as generously as possible, with as few avoidable impediments possible, allows us to create ease, focus, openness and breadth that nourish vitality.

And living that expansively, that full of possibility?  Is a gift for those around us and the Universe.



Photo credit: Middle–Nikki Carrara


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6 Responses to On Spaciousness

  1. How beautiful that you have created this amazing home amidst Mother Nature. I find it inspiring when people like you are tuned into their needs and/ or desires, and then make it happen. Keep expanding into all that space– you created it!!! And thanks for the mention..the 3rd Eye Meditation is well worth the share. Xoxo, big hug.

    • SirenaTales says:

      So lovely to see you here, Elysha! Thank you for your very kind comments and for providing some of the inspiration for this piece…and for the ongoing sparkle and comfort of the meditation. Big hugs right back atcha!

  2. Geo Sans says:

    floating bodies
    p e a c e

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