Dancing Gratitude: Pop-Up Dance Performance


Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

I have been fortunate to discover nearby some lovely, generous souls who share my passion for spreading the joyful, healing power of dance.  We came together in October to do a pop-up performance in nearby public spaces.  I realized on the way to the event that I hadn’t even met one of the dancers and that none of us knew everyone involved.

But I needn’t have spent a second of thought or worry on that.  For once we started dancing, I could feel that deep connection which dance and art so often spur.  It was fun, challenging, inspiring.  So much so, that we decided then and there to take the whole thing to other towns.

The performance was improvised, tailored to some specific sites I had scoped out ahead of time.  We had some improv structures to work with, e.g. each doing “50 things” (thank you, KL) to use as a warmup, starting at a bike rack as “home base” and ending there when we had finished our movement.

Mostly, though, we listened deeply to each other and the environment, and followed one another pretty seamlessly.  Fueled by our enormous gratitude for our dancing lives and our desire to share that.

An unexpected bonus was that a friend of one of the dancers videotaped the whole thing, which one of the dancers has edited here:


Wishing you peace and joy.


Photo credit–Top: Nikki Carrara; Video credits: Adrian Nieves, Linalynn Schmelzer; Dancers: Christine Poland, Marisa Valdiserra, Linalynn Schmelzer, Chloe Carlson.



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6 Responses to Dancing Gratitude: Pop-Up Dance Performance

  1. chrisbkm says:

    How cool and sweet was that!!!

  2. I love your spontaneity and ability to dance like that.
    Happy, happy Thanksgiving.

  3. terryshen says:

    Well, this video is awesome. You are so lucky to have met your fellow dancers who share your passion.

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