Glittering Humanity: Santa Hat Chronicles


imageRainy. Cold. Grey. Monday morning, first thing.

I run out of the drear and into a nearby pharmacy for some household supplies. From across the store, I hear someone shouting, “Hey, Santa!  Good morning, Santa!” and realize a tad belatedly that the twenty-something clerk is calling out to me. The Santa Hat I am wearing has sent out its invitation for connection, once again.

After I smile and respond to her in kind, I head off for the shopping.  When I come up to the counter, the cashier is clearly gleeful to be chatting me up, so much so that I ask her what’s on her Christmas list.  Without hesitating, she tells me what she is really yearning for and why: To help overcome a recent difficulty.  The cashier next to us joins in, offering advice and encouragement.


After this goes on for a bit and I am getting ready to leave, I look the young woman in the eye and tell her I am pulling for her.  She is smiling, seemingly reassured.  I have the feeling that this matters to her.

As I walk out of the store, with the good-natured banter and the open-hearted conversation echoing, I ask myself what can I really do?  Wish her well, and even visualize her struggle easing.  Yes, of course.

But I also realize that maybe, just maybe, in sharing that moment of playfulness, hope, expansiveness, we’ve done the most important thing already.  Shared a moment of heart, of humanity that is now spinning its way out into the universe, glittering endlessly its own magic.

And where there’s magic, everything is possible.


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3 Responses to Glittering Humanity: Santa Hat Chronicles

  1. terryshen says:

    What a great way to touch others’ heart, Sirena. Rest assured that you have made a difference.

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