Grace Is All Around Us

To have life take our breath away with these unexpected moments of grace: ahhhhh! Hoping you receive many such gifts now and in the new year. ❤

Sirena Tales


Christmas Eve.  Blustery and bone-chilling at dusk, the weather was less than enticing as I  got ready for a top fave ritual: delivering some Christmas cookies we’d just baked to firefighters in a nearby city and also at a firehouse down the road from us.

In recent years, I’ve usually ridden solo on this run in my “sleigh,” a/k/a minivan.  Occasionally, I am lucky enough to have one of my daughters visiting and she will accompany me.  Last night, I threw out the invitation to my shy youngest child, who was cozily relaxing and reading on the couch after a busy day.  He typically declines this kind of thing, so I barely waited to hear the usual “no, thank you”  when he stopped me in my tracks with “yes, sure!”


I tried not to expect too much from my adolescent sidekick.  I told myself that if he wanted to…

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2 Responses to Grace Is All Around Us

  1. Those cookies look delicious! Sending good wishes
    for a most peaceful and fulfilling year ahead, Eddie

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