The Magical Potion of Passion


photo-44Last night, a faraway friend came for dinner and described his excitement at getting back to his passion: scuba diving.  I knew both about the longstanding passion and the lengthy gap between now and when he used to dive a lot.

I even knew that he had missed diving.  What I hadn’t been prepared for was how palpably the joy and inspiration of his passion would be expressed.

Watching and listening to our friend, I was struck by how clearly he transformed right before us.  As he recounted rediscovering his love for diving, his eyes lit up and the energies of excitement and relaxation flowed from him.  That may seem paradoxical, but was wholly fitting as he relived experiencing that his body had suddenly felt both abundant joy and the enormous comfort of “coming home.”

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised–I’ve written many times about listening to the body’s signals when cultivating what ignites our souls, including:

“…Deep down, though, we know what our passions are.  Our bodies tell us, through everything from goosebumps and tingling to sharp intakes of breath and giddiness.  We just need to listen….”


What I also should have anticipated is the magical contagiousness of positive energy when we pursue our passions.  I looked around the table as our friend spoke, and it was if he had poured a radiant potion on all of us.  Everyone’s eyes shone, smiles broadened, warmth glowed.

So, if you want to do some good-for yourself or the Universe or both–go after your passion!  Pour that transforming elixir on!



Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”~Howard Thurman

Photo credit–Middle–Nikki Carrara

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2 Responses to The Magical Potion of Passion

  1. I love seeing that passion in others – and in myself.

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