Endings…and Beginnings

As I sit here tonight, once again waiting for the writing muse to smile upon me…no answer. Or perhaps only seemingly so, as I see that this post from the archives that receives so many visits has had another one just now. Perhaps it was the muse? Endings and beginnings, ending and beginnings. The circle, the cycle, the spiral. Kali. May she in her wisdom lead you on many adventures and with much inspiration….<3

Sirena Tales


No surprise, really.  When I drew a goddess card this morning, I selected Kali.  As always when I see her beautiful, powerful, wise visage, my heart sank and leapt all at once.  Heart heavy from loss and excited at possibility.

As Kali advises, “The old must be released so that the new can enter.” (Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, Doreen Virtue).


I know this.  And yet I don’t know this.  Or want to accept it.

I did know this last night, before drawing the card, as I cleared out file upon file of documents from projects of the past several years that I’m ending, or that have fizzled.  I knew Kali’s wisdom of cleansing “…away the old with natural storms and fires to make the ground fertile for new crops and life.  Kali is the ultimate get-things-done goddess, and she’s a powerful ally….”

Still, even though I exulted, felt lighter…

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4 Responses to Endings…and Beginnings

  1. So true. No room for the future, for more or different, when we are held down by too much of the past.

  2. Eileen says:

    Yes….the cycle of life….why would it ever end?

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