Dancing Is My Church: Life Lessons from Dancing


Dancing as prayer, as “a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship” or “as an earnest hope or wish.”

I’ve been offering my dancing as prayer for some time now, and have been keenly aware of this recently as I send the energy of my dancing to a friend who is in hospital with a serious health challenge. And, of course, to Houston. And to those I love…and those suffering or who need a boost. The list goes on.

So, today, I danced, and will keep on doing so, keep on worshipping in this way, for as long as I am able. Dancing is my church.

Photo: Sculpture-Gil Boro

Sirena Tales

When I read musician Sarah McLachlan’s words recently, that “music is my church…” I didn’t really need to read any further. I knew exactly what she meant. Because dancing is my church.

It took me awhile to realize fully what that means. For so long, dancing was viewed, and often dismissed, as a “hobby,” and worse, as “only a hobby.” Including by people I respected.

10599277_10154640613440383_4937845943007963405_n Photo credit: Rich Davis

My lifelong dance practice is still shrugged off as a mere “pastime” by some folks once they learn that I don’t have a regular teaching and performing gig.  Dancing is diminished in some eyes because it is pleasurable, physical and the opposite of lucrative.  For these people, the “fluff” of dancing is about as far from the gravitas of a place of worship as you can get.

I couldn’t help recalling this yesterday as I took class with many passionate…

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