How Expansive Can You Be?

That was the challenge posed to us in dance class today.

Sure, it was directly in reference to performing the movement, which had such abundant possibility.  Just begging us to stretch our limits, or our perceived limits anyway.

Cover more space! Reach farther! Suspend longer!  Release more fully! Surprise yourself! The list went on and on in my mind as I accepted the challenge and trampled the constraints that I had unconsciously set for myself on the previous run-through.  It was a much fuller, more exciting and yes, fun, experience.

I so appreciate when this gifted and wise teacher shakes us out of our dusty assumptions, stale, rigid patterns, our “falling asleep” at the switch of examining unhelpful self-perceptions about what is possible.  So often, the possible is circumscribed by what’s been done before–by us or by others.

Yet, if we are truly alive to the moment, we can expand beyond the illusory safety, the illusory control, of the familiar and venture onto new frontiers.  This goes for dance class and every other physical activity, of course, but as you can readily appreciate, is also apt for living our lives.

So, with this gem of a teacher exhorting us once again to “never settle” I head out into the world, drenched in sweat, exhausted, exhilarated, inspired to take the practice of opening up to more possibility outside the studio. Wondering now: How expansive can I be?

Photos: Top and middle courtesy of Nikki Carrara © 2016, 2017


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4 Responses to How Expansive Can You Be?

  1. maskednative says:

    With these words Sirena, you have given me a ‘gem’ to think on today.
    Funny how we settle into a way of sameness, and then when something jerks us into wakefulness, we are more energised to begin again. It’s a bit like breathing I suppose, out breath and a lull, in breath and vitality, Yes, I will think on being more expansive, thank you xx

    • SirenaTales says:

      And your lovely comment has inspired me to join you, Teri. It does require vigilance and diligence–for me, anyway–not to “settle into a way of sameness.” I am grateful for your time and insight. xx

  2. Angie Ducharme says:

    “Yet, if we are truly alive to the moment, we can expand beyond the illusory safety, the illusory control, of the familiar and venture onto new frontiers” = LOVE IT!!

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