Falling down: life lessons from the dance studio

Take a risk. Stumble, stagger, trip, fall. Get up. Repeat. And repeat. ❤

Sirena Tales

How to fall.  What an amazing lesson contemporary dance teaches.

Yessirree, as a contemporary dancer, I’ve spent decades learning and rehearsing how to fall well, i.e as safely and organically as possible.  How cool that the dance metaphor translates readily into helping to handle life’s stumbles outside the dance studio.

Photo credit: Jane Shauck Photo credit: Jane Shauck

Here’s what I mean:

1) Breathe.  Of course, and always.  Holding your breath will make you stiff.  And dizzy– that’s a no no.

2) Be strong in your center.  Having a powerful anchor in our center allows us to release the other parts of our bodies for a more fluid landing.  Buffeting?  We can handle it!

3) Let go.  The more we release in our joints, and don’t cling to the illusion of control, the more relaxed and comfortable the fall will be.

4)  Watch and learn from other people who fall–and recover– well.

5) Don’t…

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