We Matter: Santa Hat Chronicles

Yesterday, I offered a holiday-themed dance class.  I had invested a good amount of time and thought in it and was giving the class free of charge in honor of the season.

A few people had contacted me, saying they wished that they could come, but couldn’t make it.  Based on that information and the busy time of year, there was a fair chance that no one would show up, which was a little disappointing.

Fifteen minutes before class began, I saw someone walk up to the studio who looked like a dancer I knew was overseas.  To my astonishment, that same person walked in! I was so touched that he had driven a long distance early Sunday morning to dance, after having flown back to the States only 36 hours before.

My glee and gratitude were multiplied when an intrepid dance pal, who also had to drive a long way, came in a couple of minutes later.  Two talented, beautiful dancers joining me–how wonderful!

As I shared with them later, what a difference they had made in my day, in my life, for showing up.  Because of their generosity, my heart was full–with inspiration, camaraderie, joy.  When I compared that with the disheartenment I would have felt had no one attended, I was all the more grateful.

Today, as I popped out of my car in our driveway, Santa Hat on, to head back into the house for an item I needed for an errand, I noticed a neighbor’s car pull in.  When I walked over to her, she complimented me on my Hat, and asked if I had been to a party.  Nope.  I just wear this Hat every December, as a nod to merriment, as an invitation for connection with folks.   She was delighted!

“Even to the grocery store?” she asked with surprise, and a twinkle in her eye.  Especially to the grocery store.  She applauded my Santa practice.  I waited for her to bring up why she had stopped in, and realized it was solely to talk Santa :).

Two days, two reminders. While we may often have no idea how we affect our fellow travelers, what we do, how we carry ourselves, what we believe, what we say, during our fleeting time on earth: They all matter.  We matter.

To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.“~Dr. Seuss

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