Grace Is A Rainbow

With a deer family of four keeping us company on the marsh for hours every day lately, I have been musing a lot about grace. Each time the four-legged foursome decides to fly over the rivulets, it is breathtaking to watch the deers’ buoyancy. Like the women Jazzercisers I describe below, each deer takes a unique tack in leaping…and manifesting its inimitable grace.
I’ve also been ruminating about grace as I have been the recipient of others’ grace lately…as well as others’ gracelessness. Perhaps grace also shines in gracelessness, as the latter reminds us through its opposite of how wondrous grace truly is.

Sirena Tales

Grace.  I think about it a lot.  As a dancer, of course, but also as a human being.

Grace is a funny and amazing thing.  People talk about it a lot, yet often have trouble defining grace.  Grace is often the very definition of ineffableness, of the inexpressible.

Still, if we are tuned in, we nearly always know when we are in its presence.


So, as I join in a Jazzercise class this morning, I decide to view my fellow movers for illumination about grace.  What they remind me of is that grace takes countless, perhaps infinite, forms: some that we might expect and some wholly surprising.

To me, the several dancers who are the moms of young children in the babysitting room are moving today as red.  Dancing highly vigorously, at times even aggressively.  Reflecting their passion? Their desire to release pent up emotions (and, ok, maybe burn calories)?…

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