Sparking Generosity


One of my adult kiddos just conceived of and single-handedly spearheaded the planning, funding and implementation for an event to enrich the imaginations and lives of 100 young students from an underserved area nearby.  Students she doesn’t know and probably will never know.

After pouncing on the opportunity to be generous, she then had second thoughts as the crowdfunding campaign took a few hours to ignite.  But she needn’t have worried.

Because as we witness time and again, many, many people when faced with the chance to be generous, to be compassionate, choose that luminous path.  Faced with whether to act with expansiveness and heart, they so often opt for that route… and not for the one that will cost them less in time, effort, thought, money.


What we also know is that generosity and compassion spark more of the same.  By acting with big-heartedness, my daughter struck a chord with people near and far. Some who are people she knows well and and many who are mere acquaintances and even strangers. All pitching in to benefit kids they also do not know and will never meet.

Her recent quest reminds me that we always act in a void of certainty about what our actions will inspire. Yet if they are kind, we can expect that somewhere, somehow, they will fuel more of the same.

Thank goodness.

Art credit/calligraphy: @scriptfancy



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