How Dancing Saved My Life

Yes! Dance can cure many ills, express joys and excitements, and carry us to transcendence. As I say below: “…if you are ever feeling blue or powerless or angry or baffled or euphoric or anywhere in between, maybe try a little dance. It has saved my life…maybe it can brighten or diversify or energize or, yes, even save, yours.”

Sirena Tales

Sounds dramatic, right?  Yet, I realized once again last week that the seeming hyperbole is actually spot on in so many ways.

I had been sitting alone in my kitchen, crying.  Feeling powerless to help my husband who was in the hospital for a tricky operation.  I was anxious, sad, alone and angry; my hands of support, empty.

Hang on.  Was there really nothing I could do?

Suddenly, through the dark emotional miasma flashed the inspiration that has saved me time after time when I have traveled the bleak landscapes of grief, depression, loneliness, frustration, loss…and, of course, also those of jubilation, hope, compassion, transcendence.


DANCE. Get up and DANCE!

So, I put on some of my husband’s fave tunes (anthemic Stevie Wonder) and rocked out. Sending energy to my husband, the doctors, everyone in that hospital, and the universe.

Yeah, baby.  DANCE!  It felt SOOOOOO good.


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2 Responses to How Dancing Saved My Life

  1. Good for you …it’s wonderful!

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